Blue Water Offshore Cruising!

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Get ready for the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Join Captain Ted aboard sailing cutter rigged sloop "RESTLESS" live the dream of offshore sailing to exotic places.

 Where in the world is Restless now?

Restless is currently in the South Pacific Islands of Vanuatu. In the spring and summer of 2020 she will be continuing on her way "around the world sharing music". Next stop will likely be the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Maybe you want to join us along the way?

Restless is available for Sunset-Sail and Day Charters as well as Offshore Passage crewing opportunities.  Sailing Vessel Restless, a Cape Dory 40 cruiser is fully outfitted for offshore passage-making. She has all the safety gear and Captain Ted will show you how to sail safely and comfortable in all kinds of sea conditions and weather.

On Restless you will get the confidence to skipper your own yacht anywhere in the world. See the Schedule for dates of passages and offshore crewing opportunities. Captain Ted is an experienced offshore skipper, sailing instructor and an entertaining musician.  Read Ted's sailing resume or short bio to get to know him better. Contact  Captain Ted to take you anywhere on Restless or your boat, teach you sailing, offshore cruising and live-aboard skills. Take a look at Ted's  Photo Gallery and see how you too can "live the dream".


Restless Crewing opportunities 


Sailing somewhere in the world on a mission to "sail 'round the world sharing music". (No need to bring your guitar, you can use one of mine). Crew Visitors are welcome (not a tour boat or charter for hire/you are visitors in my home and I share my journey). On a round the world since September 2001. More than 50,000 sailing miles and over twenty four countries.

On Restless, we are genuine sailors and use minimal or no engine at all. (except for dinghy transport to and from shore). We pick wonderful regions to visit although often wind is light for sailing, (with an occasional solid blow) On Restless we slow down, forget driven agendas and hesitate to appreciate water, scenery, people, places and nature, while the world economy struggles. (spend a few days, perhaps a week or maybe a month)

We are flexible to making our timing fit with yours but not a charter. Be welcomed to coordinate your journey with ours - interested in sailing, exploring and sharing. We are not independently wealthy so contributions to provisions are necessary plus a realistic donation towards the endless list of expenses, (so couch sitters forget the idea of a free ride)

A modest 12 meters (40 ft) - luggage is best an economical back pack. A couple is ideal - you can have the forward V-birth/ we have fins and masks on board. (now damaged by a recent careless visitor) Not a party boat but my home, so 0 zero drugs - on board! Smoking on board is not acceptable. We enjoy a nice drink and/or social beer but we are also not a drunk tank.

If you want to learn something about sailing, I am an ASA instructor and I can arrange for your certifications. The whole idea is to enjoy each other's company and experience some of the world. At the moment we are locally sailing this region but opportunity to head towards the Pacific with major ocean travel might be possible.

Good attitudes appreciate common goals of sailing, economical living and contributing to each other - not just being consumers or takers. We cannot afford to hire crew or pay for visitors to be company. (idea of doing a few dishes does not field a sailing yacht) Whatever your economical travel budget might be we appreciate good team strategy. There is freedom in our agenda so the idea is to talk about where you would like to go and we can likely make it fit. (couples welcome and encouraged).

So what will it cost?

If you are willing to work on Restless as well as do the normal duties of cooking, cleaning and sailing watch, I will cost you 10 Euro/day. This means you asre working crew. This covers all you normal food and running the boat. You pay for your alcohol beyond the occasional shared drinks on the boat. Most often we anchor and do not use marinas. If you want to stay at a marina it will be at your expense.

Restless is available for a full charter where you are waited on and do no work. Ask for a quote if this is of interest and I will happily work with you for a dream vacation. Honeymoon trips, and wedding proposal adventures are also a possibility.


Please also visit: Vandertech Marine for Navigation, Communication and Entertainment Electronics. Let Ted & Chris outfit you yacht with the safety, navigation and entertainment electronics you crave. See the latest technology at work on Restless. She has state of the art battery systems with over 800 watts of renewable green energy sources. Automatic Identification System (AIS) for ship traffic monitoring and the latest Satellite cell- phone system for communications as well as SSB and Short wave radio for weather collection and safety communications.

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